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About the Owner of This Site


The owner of this site has worked in property development and corporate restructuring.  He finds that work offers not even half of what he wants from life. He is currently researching the philosophy of physics.


He has worked in 14 countries. He was 7 months alone in China.


His interests are science; art; literature; some music written before 1828, some opera written before 1924 and almost no pop or rock music; European and Asian cities with art, music, theatre and architecture; good restaurants anywhere – especially seafood; the ocean, especially tropical islands; swimming with sea turtles, Manta rays and wild dolphins; walking high in the mountains and on glaciers. His first love is always anywhere where the nature is extreme. He is a qualified scuba diver, parachutist and ocean yachtmaster. However, sadly, he does not do these last things anymore.


From choice he does not eat red meat or things containing sugar. Chicken, fish and dairy products he eats very rarely.


He speaks English, German and French and very small amounts of Spanish, Italian, Czech and Mandarin.

This site contains scenes from just some of the places the site-owner has visited in the last 10 years. He hopes you like the pictures as much as he enjoys being in these places.


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